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The 10 Elements of a Transformation Programme

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Based on our analysis of previous transformation programmes that we have led and managed, we have identified these 10 different elements that need to come together effectively in order to bring about successful delivery. Within each of these there is of course in turn a multiplicity of different activities which have to be undertaken, and this has to be done continuously and rigorously throughout the lifetime of the initiative. All of this is under-pinned by and held together by first class programme management. 

Without addressing every one of these elements well, and without excellent programme management, then any such initiative runs a significant risk of failure, major cost or time over-runs and incomplete delivery of the anticipated benefits.

At Transformosys we have the expertise and the scars of experience to support you in conducting all 10 of these activities, as well as the overall programme management, with the necessary professionalism and rigour to ensure success.

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