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Support in selecting and working with a delivery partner

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Another key challenge for any Transformation programme is the choice of whether to engage with a delivery partner, and if so, which one, and in what way.  These decisions are rarely straightforward. 

Having engaged with a particular partner (or partners), and agreed the commercial arrangements, there is then the ongoing challenge of managing their activities effectively and ensuring a successful ongoing working relationship.  Normally partner employees will also need to interact with personnel from the line business which is the subject of the transformation programme, so these engagements also have to be structured carefully, given the potential sensitivities. 

At Transformosys we again have extensive experience of the complex dynamics of engaging and working with a number of different partners under a number of different arrangements, and therefore we know what works and what does not. 

Given this experience, and our independence, we are ideally placed to provide you with an objective view and a methodology for selecting a delivery partner, how best to structure the arrangement with them, and how to manage the ongoing relationship with them successfully.  Moreover, as expert buyers in this arena, if requested, we can also provide an independent view on the merits of different potential partners.

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