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Frequestly Asked Questions

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What do you mean by a Transformation Programme?
By the term ‘Transformation Programme’ we mean any initiative or series of initiatives seeking to effect a major or material change in one or more aspects of an organization’s activities. These may take a variety of different forms, including for example a major reorganization, a significant oursourcing or offshoring initiative, a sizeable re-engineering of systems and processes, entry to a new business area, a large-scale culture change programme, and even a long-term programme of continuous improvement. In our experience, such undertakings inevitably involve a multiplicity of different aspects and elements, which benefit from being managed in an integrated, co-ordinated way as a programme, with appropriate rigour and discipline.

Is there a difference between a Project and a Programme?
We think there is a distinction between a Project and a Programme, and that it can be quite an important one. We use the term ‘Project’ to refer to a single discrete initiative being managed by a single project team; and we use the term ‘Programme’ to refer to a number of separate initiatives or projects, which are being separately managed, but which are however all closely interlinked and interdependent, and which therefore need to be closely co-ordinated in order to ensure the success of the overall undertaking. Therefore ‘Programme Management’ includes some extra dimensions associated with the co-ordination of the whole suite of activities, the prioritisation of different component parts and management of the overall budget, and the management of interdependencies and contentions between initiatives, which are additional to those normally encountered when dealing with a single project (even quite a complex one).

At Transformosys we can provide assistance and advice with all sorts of change management, project management, and programme management.

Does Transformosys only deal in mega-programmes?
In a word, ‘No’. We have experience and expertise in all sorts of different types of changes, projects and programmes. We believe that while the way in which it is applied might vary with their precise nature and circumstances, the same basic professionalism and discipline is applicable to all such initiatives, regardless of their scale or the size of the organisation undertaking them.

Can Transformosys assist with any type of Transformation Programme?
To coin a phrase, ‘yes we can’. Transformosys personnel have experience of successfully participating in all of the different types of Transformation Programme referred to above, and the professional project and programme management expertise we bring can (and should) be applied to any such initiative, regardless of its precise nature.

Why does Transformosys believe they can make a difference to our Transformation Programme, when you aren’t familiar with our business?
We are confident that we can ensure you are successful in your Transformation Programme, whatever its precise form, and whatever its precise context, because we have deep experience (some painfully learned, admittedly) in leading and managing a wide assortment of such programmes in different businesses and industries through to successful delivery. All of which means though that we know ‘what good looks like’, we know what to do and what not to do, what to expect and how to manage the issues and challenges that inevitably arise during the course of any such initiative. Our experience tells us that the single biggest determinant of the success or otherwise of all Transformation Programmes is the professionalism and rigour with which they are managed; this applies in any situation, and in any business. Transformosys has the expertise and experience to provide this. Such is our belief in our ability to make a difference to any Transformation initiative, we will always seek to ensure in any contract that we enter into that our remuneration is tied to successful programme delivery.

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