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Recommendations & Testimonials

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"This was one of the biggest and one of the best managed major IT programme that we have seen in the Group" Internal Audit

"The clarity of the transformation roadmap and the sustained focus on ''realistic assessment of where we are' and  'finishing what we started' has kept this programme on the right course to support our business"  Executive Governance Board

"Thanks for being a voice of reason in a sometimes fraught environment"  Business Change Manager

"Many of your instincts around transformation were right on the mark, and have become tools that I use today in my own kit.   I'm confident that you made a difference in de-bottlenecking the system transformation for us and saved our organization substantial resources along the way" Credit Manager

"I enjoyed working with you and really appreciated your expertise and your calming influence"  Systems Support Manager

"This was the most rigorous Management of Change process we have seen around an organisational restructuring initiative of this sort"  Internal Audit

"This offshoring programme is a poster child for how these initiatives should be led and governed to achieve  substantial cost savings and a quality service. It has engaged our whole organisation - everyone now knows what this programme is about and why it is successful"  Offshore Vendor Executive

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