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Independent Assurance Reviews & Healthchecks

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Transformation programmes by their very nature tend to be very demanding and all-consuming for those engaged in them. 

One consequence of this is that it becomes very difficult for programme teams to step back from the immediate challenges facing them and both provide an entirely objective assessment of the status of the initiative, but also at times to see the best ways to resolve some of the issues and problems they may be encountering.  Therefore there is a huge need in these sorts of initiatives (as with any other form of major project activity) for some form of independent assurance and review of activity, ideally on an ongoing basis throughout the life cycle of the programme – often scheduled to coincide with key decision points. 

Done well, this is invaluable both to the programme sponsorship and executive, to provide them with a detached view of progress, issues and risks, and for the programme team, to provide them with valuable insights. 

However, very often, these sorts of reviews are not done particularly well.  This is largely because the independent assessors do not have the deep expertise of such initiatives to provide a genuinely informed view of what is and what is not going well – this is often the case when such reviews are provided by an organization’s Internal Audit function, for example (this isn’t their fault, since the Internal Audit function can’t really be expected to possess deep expertise in this particular area).

Given our deep Transformation expertise, Transformosys is particularly well suited to provide such programme assurance.  In support of this, we have developed a structured methodology and a set of ‘Healthcheck’ tools, which help to ensure we bring the necessary rigour to all of the reviews we conduct.

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