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Health Check Questionnaire

- how well set up are you for Transformation success?

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1.   Are you really clear about what you are trying to do?    YES/NO

2.   Is the organization (especially the key players) genuinely aligned around what you are trying to do?     YES/NO                                                                                                                              

3.   Can you be sure that what you are trying to do is truly feasible?    YES/NO

4.   Do you have a clear plan/roadmap to achieve what you’re trying to do, made up of a manageable programme of logically sequenced projects?   YES/NO


5.   Is the plan based on an informed assessment of what will really be required to deliver the full set of activities, rather than on aspiration?     YES/NO


6.   Are the resources available to deliver the programme (either internally or from Third Parties?    YES/NO                                                                                                                                                       

7.   Do these individuals really have all the expertise necessary?     YES/NO

8.   Is the scope of the individual projects making up the programme clearly defined?       YES/NO

9.   Have you taken into account in your planning and resourcing the other business priorities facing you?     YES/NO                                                                                                                                     

10.  Can you be sure that the business will be able to accommodate the changes arising through the programme alongside all the other things you have to do?         YES/NO


11.  Do you understand in sufficient detail the interdependencies between the different projects within the programme, and the interdependencies between the programme and other activities?   YES/NO                                                                                                                    

 12.  Are you clear how you will resolve contentions between them?     YES/NO

13.  Are you clear on which initiatives should take priority?    YES/NO

14.  Do you have a defined governance model with clear decision rights?   YES/NO


If you answered Yes or No to any of the above questions, how can you really be sure of this?

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We have a similar questionnaire for each aspect of a programme.

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