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What's special about us?

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  • We have deep practical experience of leading and successfully delivering transformation initiatives - we know what good looks like, and how to achieve  it.

  • This experience comes from working within the organizations undertaking the transformation, rather than from a conventional consulting background - so we understand exactly what the client organization is going through.

  • We combine business expertise (as Executive Sponsors and Business Transformation Directors) and IT expertise (as IT Programme and Project Managers).

  • We have worked in a range of different industries (notably retailing, energy and trading), activities (eg sales and marketing, supply chain management, finance and accounting), and countries.

  • We have successfully overseen or directed programmes with value in excess of £1 billion, and led and managed individual projects of over £100 million.

  • We have expertise in a diverse array of different types of programme, including custom-builds, global implementation of third party applications (eg SAP), outsourcing and offshoring initiatives, and continuous improvement activities.

  • We have worked as clients with a significant number of delivery partners, developers, vendors and consultants, so we understand the marketplace, and we understand how to work with such organizations effectively.

  • We have deep expertise in programme management (ie orchestrating and co-ordinating a programme made up of a number of interdependent component initiatives) as well as project management (where the focus is on a single discrete and bounded activity).

  • We are independent from any other consulting organizations and therefore in a position to provide you with unbiased and objective input and advice on your programme.

  • As a small but perfectly formed organization, founded on deep transformation expertise, we will not be seeking to find ways to increase our fee revenues by placing increasing numbers of our employees into your programme.

We are confident that through partnering with us, we can make your programme successful, and it will cost less than it would have done otherwise. Such is our confidence in this regard, we will structure any commercial arrangement with you in alignment with this. 



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